Photocopying Machine

Every office photocopier machine needs to be well maintained for its longevity, also minimizing costly expenses from petty breakdowns. Here are some basic photocopier maintenance tips that will help ensure your photocopier’s lifespan and performance.

1. It is a daily regimen to clean the scanner glass, since this affects the quality of scan the most. Use an anti-static cleaner liquid when wiping the glass, because daily usage can cause small particles and debris to build up.

2. Cleaning the Drum when scheduled .

The drum of the photocopier is attached to a toner cartridge. Light emitting from it makes it electrically conductive. It is mainly responsible for attaching toner and paper together. Use a Mylar Bar to clean the photocopier drum and make use of a plastic or rubber blade to wipe this part and remove the extra toner.

3. Cleaning the Fuser as scheduled .

Using a very light coat of silicon oil, pour this on a smooth rug and wipe the fuser. It is responsible for melting and pressing the toner impression onto the paper. Dry and wipe it off with a new, dry cloth.

4. Vacuuming toner copier as scheduled .

Do not use a typical vacuum cleaner when cleaning the toner copier. Use a toner vacuum that is certainly appropriate only for photocopiers. A word of caution, using a standard vacuum cleaner will result in electric shock from the buildup of static charge from the toner.

By using the appropriate vacuum meant for photocopiers, your photocopier will be able to regulate the smooth flow of ink, giving you good quality photocopies.

5. Double check your cleaning material equipment before cleaning the photocopier.

? Anti-static solution
? Mylar Bar
? Silicon oil
? Toner vacuum

Finally, when using the office photocopier, always keep the instruction manual right next to your photocopier.

Be aware of the different parts of the photocopier machine, also how to handle and use it properly, together with maintenance tips. This will result in the longevity of the business machine.

If you have some inquiries or concerns, ask your photocopier technician and they will fully explain to you how to handle, maintain, and clean the photocopier. If some parts need to be replaced or repaired, your technician can determine the best solution for you.

Prior to using your photocopier machine, just be sure to know how to clean it properly, and that you can determine if there are any technical problems that need technical expertise. By doing so, you will prolong the lifespan of your photocopier, and maximize its output for your office use.

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