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How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Copy Machine?

Copiers are efficiently used in many offices and businesses nowadays. Copy machines can scan documents, fax,   and reproduce multiple materials that are helpful in the productivity of businesses across the globe.

Most businesses and offices prefer to lease a copy machine rather than buy it right away. Leasing is a greater advantage in modern technology, especially for large businesses.

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Below are some of the reasons why business owners choose to lease a copy machine:

The initial cost is less expensive

You don’t need to spend too much capital when starting your business because you will slowly pay your lease.

Ability to upgrade your machine

Once your business grows, you can upgrade to a new copy machine that suits your needs and update features according to your choice. Leasing is a good choice to exchange your old equipment with new technologies with no many expenses.

Service agreement 

With leasing, you are required to pay monthly over years, usually three to five years. Agreements are reliable if any issue arose with the copy machine over the years. You can seek help from leasing companies to seek repairs.

Copy machines stay up to date

Machines that have not been functioning well can be exchanged for a new machine without any additional cost of expenses. Since machines are the property of leasing companies, it is their responsibility to update it.

Now that you already know the great advantages of leasing a copy machine, the first thing to consider is to know the average cost of leasing a copy machine. The average cost changed over the years.Cost varies depending on some variables to be considered. Here are some factors that determine the average cost to lease a copy machine:


Copy machines need to meet your business needs. Most copy machines have the functions of copying, emailing,  faxing, or scanning without even leaving your computer. The cost of copy machines depends on the functions of your copy machines.

Print speed

It is important to consider the printing speed for some businesses requires a high volume of copies to produce in a fast manner. The faster the equipment to produce material, the more costly it is. Printing higher volumes helps in the consistency in the workflow.

Black and white vs. color

The cost of the copy machine depends on the ability to produce the product whether it is reproduced as black and white or it is colored. A copy machine that produces colored documents is more costly than those which produce black and white which is impacted due to the ink cartridges.


Some copy machines include features like faxing and scanning. And this may include in the costing of the copy machine.


If you prefer wireless connections between your copy machine this may require more cost to consider. It is also a good thing to have wireless connections which increases productivity, especially when there are multiple users of the machine.

Duplex printing

This is a feature that allows reproduction to happen on both sides of the machine that helps in saving the papers used. The cost of leasing a copy machine varies. Most businesses pay a minimum of $100  a month to lease a multifunction copy machine. But some color copiers can be leased up to $49 per month. Several factors may affect the cost of copy machines to be leased.  These factors are the features of the copy machine such as duplex printing,  connectivity, and print speed.  It is also important to take into consideration the functions that you need such as the ability to produce colored documents, before signing a contract with leasing companies. It is a must to look at your budget and compare the offered services of the leasing companies near you.