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How to Connect your Copier to Google Drive

Printing and scanning your documents using soft copy is much easier now since you can connect your copier to your Google Drive. You don’t have to transfer files from your personal computer to your flash drive since you can put it in directly to your Google Drive and connect it to your copier and now, you can print and scan without hassle.

How to Connect?

To connect your Google Drive to your copier, you have to:

1. Choose the application “Google Drive’,

2. Then sign in to your Google account and complete the form

3. Lastly, you can see the options once you’re in. Choose the option that you would like to use (e.g., scan, print)

It’s pretty easy to connect, and it is less hassle than transferring the files manually to your USB drive. The same goes for if you will scan or pint using your copier. It is also quick, and all you have to do is follow the following steps.

For Scanning:

1. Click the ‘New File’ on the top left of the drive.

2. It will direct you to your documents, so you will choose a file after.

3. Next, select a folder on your drive that you would like to save your file.

4. Then, a screen will show and give you document format options such as orientation, layout, scan positioning, etc. Choose the options that are best for your needs,

5. Lastly, place the document in the document process and select “Start Scan,” and you can now start scanning your files with your copier using Google Drive.

For Printing:

In printing, Google Drive will give you three options to find and print your documents:

Browsing your documents using your Google Drive Account

Locate your documents on your ‘Starred’ folder; and

Shows documents that have been ‘Shared with You’ in your Google Drive account.

These options will direct you to the print section, and all you have to do is click or select the ‘Print,’ and it will redirect you to the settings to let you choose how many copies you are going to make and if you want to print both sides. Once you select “Start Print,” it will print directly to your copier, and now you can have the hard copy of your file.

Connecting your copier to your Google Drive is much easier than you usually do; however, it also depends on what kind of copier you are using. Some copiers don’t work fast with Google Drive, so you need to find a copier that offers good quality copiers that you could have been looking for. We know that a copier lease is much more affordable than buying a copier for yourself, so you have to find the best copier lease with copier leasing services that you can connect your Google Drive to your copier.

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