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Why Should You Choose HP Color LaserJet MFP E87660z

A printer’s quality is dictated by its features and specifications. When buying a copier, it is important to consider the quality of color printing the device has to offer. In that way, having it will be a smart choice for the business. It will not only help your company to be more assertive in your goals but also increase the creativity of your employees. Purchasing a copier may hurt your pocket, so it is recommended to look for a dealer that offers copier leasing. One example is Copier Leasing Services which has a wide variety of copier lease deals ranging from the cheapest to their most advanced and expensive machines.

One of the top picks on the list of the machines they offer is HP Color LaserJet MFP E87660z. Primarily because it produces premium and professional-quality color documents. Its affordable cost is also a factor. The machine gives vivid colors to the graphics and images it produces. Moreover, with HP Color LaserJet MFP, interruptions and complex maintenance are minimized because it was designed for maximum uptime to give reliable results. Having this kind of design will surely increase the pace of your business. 


Here some of the features of HP Color LaserJet MFP E87660z that would surely make you avail of a copier leasing. First, it has built-in security to keep your network safe. It automatically monitors threats and detects intrusions for possible hackers or bugs, as well as validates operating software with security. The machine will regularly check its operating code and self-repair from possible bugs and hacking. Since it is a multifunction printer, it can print, scan, and copy. Moreover, it has these features as well: Apple AirPrint™, Google Cloud Print™, and HP ePrint. It has a USB port and its ethernet networking. 

With HP Color LaserJet MFP E87660z you can surely increase the productivity and connectivity while still saving budget for your businesses. It is equipped with toner cartridges and JetIntelligence which increases the speed and number of printed papers. Consequently, it reduces the energy consumed and gives extra security for your machine.  

Benefits of having HP Color LaserJet MFP E87660z

A typical HP Color LaserJet like this one can only be availed through a contract lease. The reason behind this is because the machine will be leased and be financed under a per-copy contract or how the client customizes the copier lease deal. Such a move is best practiced among small companies and even in large businesses. It is beneficial in a way that they would not have to purchase the machine since they do not need it forever. Moreover, if anything goes wrong with the machine, they would not have to shoulder the maintenance cost since it will be included in the deal. Another benefit from this model, you have an option to add fax to suit your business’ needs. When it comes to its speeds, it can print 50-70 ppm depending on the mode- professional or office general. The estimated printing of this in a month is 300,000. It has automatic two-sided printing, HP Color Access Control, HP EasyColor, image adjustments, collation, booklet making, and scalability features. With HP EasyColor, the color of images will surely have the highest quality. When it comes to accessibility, it has a control panel with a touchscreen and an extended keyboard. It also has a one-touch key to complete simple scan and copy tasks that can be set-u through Quick Sets. This feature makes the model easy to use.

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