A printer is a device used in generating hard copies and printing any documents and images. In today’s era, the printer is beneficial for both school and work. That is why the printer is essential. When purchasing a printer, people can choose from a laser printer that uses toner to print and an inkjet printer that uses ink. Many people plan to buy a printer, so here are some questions to ask and things to consider before buying. 

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Question #1: Why Do You Need a Printer?

It’s critical to think about why you want a printer before you buy one. What is its intended purpose? Is it for usage at home or work? You can consider buying inexpensive inkjet printers when it is only for home use, and you won’t print much. Inkjet is the traditional choice for home users. If it is for office use and you will be printing often, a laser printer is the best choice as it can print many primary documents better than an inkjet. Aside from that, a laser printer was initially made for office use but is also recommended for home use for economic reasons. 

Question #2: How Much Is Your Budget for Printer?

Before buying a printer, you will always consider your budget. Your budget often decides what printer you are going to buy. You can buy inkjet if you have less budget because it is way less expensive than laser printers. Inkjet printers are less costly to purchase. However, it may cost you more in the long run. Laser printers are more expensive but a more economical option in the long run as it has an overall lower cost and print faster. 

Question #3: What Will You Print?

It is also essential to consider what you will print and how you are going to use it. If you will be printing documents that need high-resolution colored images, inkjet is more suitable for that.  Inkjets are better at printing photos, while laser printers are better for text and documents. Laser printers are better suited for printing text; they have much clearer letterforms than most inkjets which the individual letters are not as sharp in their detail. If printing extraordinarily detailed and high-resolution photos are what you need, seek a high-resolution professional photo inkjet printer. However, if you need a reliable printer to print your sensitive documents and satisfactory colored reports and images, go for a laser printer. 

Question #4: How Often Will You Print?

The frequency with which you use the printer should also be considered when planning to buy one. Home users usually go for inkjets. However, their problem is that the ink dries up when not used often. Therefore it is best to purchase affordable laser printers instead. If you are printing high-quality photos regularly, inkjets can do the job. Laser printers are more durable and can print monochrome and colored documents frequently. 

Question #5: Do You Need to Print Large or Small Volumes of Documents?

When purchasing a printer, consider the volume of documents that will be produced. If you need to publish large records books, a laser printer is the best choice for you. Laser printers are capable of printing massive volumes of documents regularly. On the other hand, inkjets can only print in a small book. Given that inkjet printers are designed for home use hence, their print volume is substantially smaller. 

Question #6: Which Printer Can Last Longer?

When purchasing a printer, most people think that considering the lifespan of a printer is essential. It is considered by many because it is practical and more economical. The average lifespan of a printer is three to five years. To be more specific, laser printers usually last at least five years, while inkjet printers typically last at least three years. With the given lifespan, however, you also need to recognize that these two types of printers have different materials used, features, and costs resulting in additional longevity. The lifespan of a printer still depends on how you use and value it throughout your printing needs. 


These printers can be helpful for you. You need to know and recognize which type is best for your school or work needs to get the printer that best suits you. Choose the more efficient and convenient printer for you, whether it is a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Get the one that will satisfy your printing needs and will help you to achieve your printing goals. 

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