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Photocopier Toner Cartridges – Quality VS Price

Photocopier Toner Cartridges

A toner cartridge is essential for any photocopier machine. You cannot do your printing and copying without a toner cartridge on it. The toner cartridge is used for the laser copiers to provide a clear resolution of printing.

What are the different types of toner cartridges?

 There are different types of toner cartridges on the market today. Keep on reading to know more and know the differences between these cartridges.  This will help you in selecting what cartridge to use on your photocopier.

  • OEM Cartridges. 

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The manufacturer originally makes this of your photocopier. If Kyocera International Inc. manufactures your copier, the OEM cartridge must also be a Kyocera brand. 

That is why you will notice in the manufacturer’s instruction to use genuine toner to achieve quality prints. OEM cartridges are expensive, but they will give you a high-quality output.

  • Compatible Cartridges. 

A third party manufactures compatible cartridges or Class A quality cartridges. The output is of good quality, but the price is lesser compared to OEM cartridges. There are lots of compatible cartridges in the market. It would help if you found a trusted distributor to ensure the quality of the products. 

  • Recycled Cartridges. 

The manufacturer usually recycled empty cartridges and refilled the product with toner to sell again. This kind of cartridges usually comes with a warranty. Before selling out in the market, these cartridges have been tested. 

The quality is good with a lesser price to compare to new cartridges. If you are an environmentalist, go for remanufactured cartridges. You save the environment at the same time, save costs for your cartridge expenses. 

  • Refilled Cartridges. Refilled cartridges are the cheapest cartridges and yield low-quality print out. Buy refilled cartridges at your own risk. The manufacturers only refill the toner, but they did not test the cartridges. This is why some refilled cartridges may leak, which might damage your copier.

Which Photocopier Toner Cartridge is Right for You? 

Buying a toner cartridge for your photocopier depends on several factors. 

  • Price. The price depends on the quality of the toner cartridges. A new cartridge manufactured by the OEM is more expensive compared to compatible cartridges. Likewise, a recycled cartridge is more expensive than the refilled cartridges. The refilled cartridges are the cheapest of them all.
  • Number of Copies. Always check the number of copies a toner cartridge can print. If your company requires an enormous volume of documents, buy cartridges that suit your needs.
  • Print Quality. The toner cartridges differ in the quality of printout depending on the type of cartridges. An EOM cartridge provides high-quality resolution, while the refilled cartridge is basically of low-quality. If your company needs to have high-quality printing, go for OEM or recycled cartridges.

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