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What Out For These Specs When Renting A Copier

Photocopiers have been industries and businesses with their office workload. It is the most frequently used machine because these establishments use high volume if paper almost every day. Before purchasing or renting one, you should know how it functions. It is a machine that replicates photos, text, and documents quickly. They are available in two types of technologies. The first one is the xerography that is a dry process. It employs dry heat and fusion to produce replicates. The other type is digital or analog scanning. Moreover, different sizes are available. There are the inkjets that are relatively smaller when compared to the other traditional copier machine. Sizes may vary according to where they are used. Home copiers are smaller because they are designed to be placed on desks. Meanwhile, the copier machines in offices are bigger and bulkier.

What should you look into

Different variations of copiers are now available in the market. With Copier Leasing Services in El Paso, you will surely get the most upgraded and newer versions of copiers. They are known in the industry for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Here, they list down what specifications of a copier machine you should look into. First of all, determine whether you would need monochrome or color multifunction copiers. The main difference between them is their price. Monochrome uses only one black toner and is relatively cheaper. On the other hand, MFCs need more cartridges for the other colors aside from black like cyan, magenta, and yellow. It is also pricier since it uses many colors. For your company, decide which one is more effective in branding. Second, the size of the copier should be considered as well. Home copiers are much smaller and less expensive. There is also a business copier that is more efficient to use in businesses. Though this one is more expensive, it is highly advised to uses for businesses that need high volume printing. Third, consider the resolution of the copier you are going to choose. For businesses with high-volume printing, professional-grade graphics with advanced finishing options are advised. Resolutions of these range from 2400 x 1200 dots per inch for colored copiers to 9600 x 600 dpi interpolated with 8-bit color depth for the monochrome. The price range of these high-resolution copiers starts from $7,000 to $25,000. 

Moreover, you must also consider the features of your copier. Print speed, capacity, memory, and multifunction feature, and software available are some of those. First, check the printing speed because this is the most crucial spec that you should prioritize as it will tell the efficiency of the copier. Most of copier leasing company offers machines that have a minimum speed of 25 to 30 ppm. For firms and large businesses, you opt for one that has 45 to 50 ppm. Second, look into its paper capacity. Choose the copier that can accommodate different paper sizes. Third, consider its multifunction features. It is always best to have a copier lease on a machine that is an all-in package- can do printing, scanning, and faxing as it will maximize the efficiency of your employees. Fourth, choose between inkjet or laser copier. For businesses that would not require high-volume printing and copying, inkjets are highly preferred. Establishments with limited space may choose this one as well. On the other hand, laser copiers are meant and convenient to use in business settings that require high-volume printing at fast speeds. Though this is more expensive than inkjets, companies that opt for copier leasing in El Paso, prefer this because of the efficiency it brings in their offices. It can perform various tasks and employees do not have to wait long for it to finish copying. Always bear these things in mind when you are to lease or purchase a copier. It will help you save money and energy.