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Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing a Copier Ink Cartridge

You can replace an ink cartridge on your printer or copier for as long as you follow the guidelines. It is not that easy. There are many do’s and don’ts you have to learn. 

It would be best if you kept these things in mind to replace your ink cartridges without facing any problems.

Be Familiar with the Buttons

Find the OK button, and make sure that a message lets you know that a cartridge should be replaced on the LCD screen and press the OK button. Sometimes there is a color indicator in the icon next to the cartridge symbol. However, the color depends on the copier’s brand. 

Try not to eliminate the cartridge from the printer until you are prepared to replace it with another. Also, ensure the printer is on yet not printing. Then, at that point, open the printer cover. In addition, ensure the CD/DVD plate isn’t embedded in that frame of mind before supplanting the ink cartridge.

Be familiar with Signals.

Your printer will tell you if you are low on ink or have no more. In this case, press the [Setup] button, select Maintenance, then press the OK button. Then, select Change Ink Cartridge and press the OK button. To figure out which cartridge needs supplanting, see Checking the Ink Cartridge Status.

You can also do this on the printer’s software installed on your computer where your printer is connected. 

What to remember?

It would help if you eliminated the yellow tape from the cartridge before introducing it; otherwise, print quality might decline, or you will be unable to print.

If you have introduced an ink cartridge without eliminating the yellow tape, remove the cartridge from the printer, eliminate the yellow tape, and afterward reinstall it.

On the other hand, there could be extra plastic in your ink cartridge box. It is actually an adapter that needs to be connected to your cartridge. Follow the instructions in your manual, and carefully fix the adapter to the slot. 

It would help if you didn’t let anything get in touch with the microchip. It usually comes in copper or green and is sensitive to touch.

Try not to eliminate the seal from the lower part of the cartridge; if not, the cartridge might become unusable. You should also not eliminate or tear the mark on the cartridge; if not, the ink will spill.

  1. The very first step would be to open the cartridge cover. Lift the cartridge straight up and out of the printer and discard it appropriately. Try not to dismantle the pre-owned cartridge or attempt to throw it just anywhere. This is quite poisonous, so it needs to be properly thrown. On the off chance that it is hard to eliminate the cartridge, lift the cartridge with more power until it emerges.
  1. Place the ink cartridge into the cartridge holder with the base down. Then, at that point, push down the ink cartridge until it fits properly.
  1. When you are done supplanting cartridges, close the cartridge and printer cover.
  1. Press the OK button. You can now try to print and see if the cartridge is properly working. By the way, if you did not put it surely in its slot, your printer will tell you that there is no cartridge detected.

Final Say

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Generally, you just need common sense to change your cartridge to your printer. It would be much easier if you were familiar with its manual. However, if you are not that techy and you are afraid you might ruin your copier or printer, you should have someone to call. 

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