Time Will Tell You That You Need an Upgrade to a New MFP

Whether at home or the office, one thing that is always being done is printing. At home, you may need to print some office documents. Kids would also print projects or assignments. At the office, documents are printed for internal purposes or in some instances, for the business’ clients or customers. Either way, printing has become an indispensable part of homes and offices. After some time of use, printers also tend to conk out. When this happens, it would be best not to consider repairing anymore, especially if the damage is quite big, and would just be very costly. The best option is to own a new multi-function copier. Here are the reasons why. 

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Longer Waiting Time 

If you have been complaining about a long waiting time whenever you print, then it might mean you need to upgrade to a new and better printer. As your printer gets older, its functionalities may likewise be affected, which could eventually slow down the whole printing process. Having a slow printer will not only make you wait for a long time, but it can also be the trigger for a stressful situation that you surely wouldn’t want to be in. To avoid the extra stress that a slow printer can give, better consider upgrading to a new and faster multi-function copier. Try to aim for a multifunction digital copier that could print and copy at the same time. If you’re worried about the cost, then opt for a copier lease in El Paso. This could provide you with a new printer machine but at a lesser cost. 

Reduced Print Quality 

The moment you start noticing that the print quality has been greatly reduced, then it is already a cause for concern. If you have tried to clean or do some self-management processes on the printer and it doesn’t correct the issues, then you might consider upgrading into a newer and better printer. Multifunction digital copiers are great options for an upgrade since you have the functionality of a printer and copier in one. The best part is that you are assured of high-quality print outputs every time. These printers also provide you with a duplexing capability wherein you can print on both sides of a page. It’s faster and certainly more convenient. 

Savings on Consumables 

It cannot be denied that the cost per page of old printers is higher than that of newer printers. Old ones, like inkjets, can give you 20-cents per page cost whereas a digital copier can give you a cost of 6-cents per page. Since old printers eat up ink faster than you can imagine, you would also be spending a lot in replacing cartridges now and then. This is more so if your requirement at the office is high voluminous printing. On the other hand, you can expect digital copiers to give you a long time of continuous printing or copying without having to change the toners. In the long run, you will see how much you can save on consumables when you make use of newer printers or digital copiers. 

Printing and copying either at home or at the office should be a stress-free exercise. It must be a way for you to become more productive with your time and resources. This is why if your old printer would start to show signs of deteriorating or is starting to become a liability rather than an asset, then better consider upgrading into a new one. These new printers can provide you with more functionality, higher quality outputs, and recognizable cost-savings. With new printers, doing your daily tasks will surely be a stress-free exercise.