Photocopy versus Copy: What’s Their Difference?

As far as photocopy and copy is concerned, these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. This is commonly observed especially to those people who are not really aware of what’s the difference between these two terms.

Photocopy and copy results or products makes use of machines to perform their task. Hence, as early as now, you need to learn what these two terms are and how they differ from one another.

What is Photocopy?

Photocopy is primarily the result or the product if scanning pieces of paper on a printer or copy machine. It is also referred to as a printed type of material that follows a certain process wherein an image is formed through light actions commonly on electrically charged surfaces.

However, copy can also mean the same thing if strongly suggested by the context. But, it can also mean different things. For instance, you can copy files on the desktop of your computer but they are not referred to as photocopies despite the fact that you can print them.

This term is much easier to define when compared to copy. This is because in the word photocopy, there is the word copy in its definition which is identical or similar with each other. 

What is a Copy?

Copy is considered to be a hard word you need to pin down especially to those beginners who have just heard of this term. Its latin word “copia” which is where its English term is derived means great quantity, abundance and lots of.

The common issue that you might experience when you encounter the term copy highlights the real definition of the term. Well, such a term might mean several prints or reproductions. There are also instances that it can be defined as documents originated through reproduction or printing. It can also be considered as an original copy of the document.

Is Copy and Photocopy Similar?

There are times that photocopy is something that some are not considering their options for their materials. They would rather choose to have their materials printed, spend more time and money just to acquire presentable and clear results.  Copying documents is considered to be a simple process compared to scanning. Most of the photocopiers require the users to press a certain button to begin the photocopying processes. 

In photocopying, particularly digital copying, fast turnaround can be observed both in smaller and large quantities. However, copy shops now offers more machines to cater to all the necessary copying needs people require. This is essential since it saves the time of the customers in waiting. Apart from that, you need not to have so much preparations since copiers are always precise and ready for its next copy job. This is the reason why copy is more ideal for those documents in lower quantities than in larger quantities.


Comparing photocopy and copy terms can still be a bit confusing to everyone. This is the reason why you need to be equipped with the right knowledge on the difference between these two. With that, you can already choose what kind of machine you are going to make use in photocopying or copying the necessary documents you need in your company, office or business.

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